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Daiesu Sakura Autumn Woven Baby Wrap


Sakura – as the same suggests, Daiesu’s new wrap celebrates the beauty of Sakura flowers. And our Sakura blooms all year around during Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn ! Or actually, these are rather our season-inspired colorways with a choice of linen blend (yes, Daiesu’s first linen blend wraps, isn’t it exciting?). All Sakura wraps are medium thick at 270gsm. Cotton Sakura have been tested to be cushy on shoulders with optimum support and bounce. Linen blend gives more support for heavier baby and toddler while being airy.


Sakura comes in 4 sizes of wraps. Choose size 3 and 4 if you’re ready to explore shorty carries like Kangaroo, Ruck and Short Cross Carry. While size 5 and 6 are always universal to be utilized with almost all types of carries. Every Sakura wrap comes with a handy Daiesu canvas tote bag!

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Sakura Woven Baby Wrap by Daiesu

  • 75% Organic Cotton and 25% Linen
  • Medium thickness at 270gsm
  • Jacquard woven with Pink warp
  • Width: 70cm
  • Suitable for newborn to toddlers
  • Versatile wraparound carrier for front, back and hip carries
  • Machine washable

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