Daiesu was an impromptu project that came up with our obsession towards babywearing. Our firstborn Daie Sulaiman (hence “Daiesu”) was born premature at 30 week in 2013 and spent his first 27 days in NICU. The idea of wearing a baby had already come to us even before he was born – because we loved backpacking and a stroller was never a favorite option for us. In the NICU, we learned Kangaroo care and from a pediatrician we were informed that people abroad use a long wrap to hold the baby. And I instantly researched for a baby wrap and ended up with a good brand stretchy wrap. It was so good to keep him calm and close to our body, and thanks to this magical sleeping gadget, Daie slept faster and better when being worn. Once he grew ¬†and became heavier stretchy wrap started sagging and I could feel the weight when wearing him. That was when I started exploring choices of woven wraps, became active in local babywearing groups and got hooked since.

Our own little brand Daiesu, was founded in conjunction of Daie’s first birthday in April 2014. Later that year I joined Trageschule UK foundation training to become a Babywearing Consultant. I design the wraps here in Malaysia and the fabrics are woven in India, sourcing only quality organic cotton (GOTS certified) and materials safe for baby. To ensure we deliver the highest quality and safe baby wraps to you, our slings and Meh dai baby carriers have been tested to and passed both ASTM F-2236 & F-27907 International Safety Standards and are compliant to CPSIA regulations in the USA.

We also take so much pride in personally designing our baby wraps, which is why more often you can find our jacquard range to have traditional Malaysian elements like Songket and Kelarai. And our most released design Jigsaw (with 16 colorways!) will always be special in our heart.

Being a designer, it’s the second best part that having baby wraps produced after manually sketching the design in a drawing software. But the first best part is always, when we see happy parents wearing our wraps, slings and carriers to hold their babies. It’s always meaningful to learn how thier babies are calm in the carrier, and how the parents can continue their work when they are hands-free. We hope to contribute in spreading the love and all the goodness of babywearing, with a dream to normalize babywearing in Malaysia especially, and to see parents wearing their baby – be it in wraps or other safe carriers – to be common sights wherever we go.